Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Elise's 12 Days of Christmas

Since USPS and UPS decided to stretch out how long my Christmas was this year, I thought I'd rewrite the 12 Days of Christmas to better fit what happened to me this year.

On the first day of Christmas (mid-December), Jill gave to me a box full of sweet-smelling soaps.

On the second day of Christmas (mid-December), my Secret Santa game to me a strange bobblehead and a Oregon State T-shirt.

On the third day of Christmas (Dec. 23), Drew gave to me a mix CD full of chick singer-songwriters.

On the fourth day of Christmas (Dec. 24), Milton gave to me two jazz CDs.

On the fifth day of Christmas (Dec. 25), my parents gave to me all my great-grandmother's crystal.

(Really, I have NO idea what to do with it.)

On the sixth day of Christmas (Dec. 27), my sister gave to me a hand-painted platter.

On the seventh day of Christmas (Dec. 29), Susan gave to me a Twilight ring.

On the eighth day of Christmas (Dec. 30), Mike gave to me two pink oven mitts.

On the ninth day of Christmas (Dec. 31), I gave to me two awesomely cool DVDs.

On the tenth day of Christmas (Jan. 2), my brother gave to me a bunch of homemade smelly stuff.

On the eleventh day of Christmas (Jan. 2), my sister-in-law gave to me a cool, handbeaded necklace.

On the twelfth day of Christmas (Jan. 6), my derelict sister gave to me a nice warm sweater (and some fuzzy socks).


Kate said...

I'll trade you the crystal for the depression glass that I got from mom.
I got every piece of the yellow stuff.

SmearedEyeliner said...

Did you get the pink stuff too? That was actually pretty. The yellow stuff . . . well, not really to my taste.

Kate said...

nope, no pink stuff...just the yellow (which is really not my taste and nows fills a box that all three of the boys could fit in together).

SmearedEyeliner said...

We could start an antique store specializing in old glassware?

Kate said...

with two locations to serve you better? Though now that I think about it, you are moving here soon, aren't you?