Friday, December 12, 2008

Guilty pleasures

I insist that I'm an intellectual. I like all the standard intellectual things: red wine, subtitled movies, female singer-songwriters with "deep" lyrics, Rachel Maddow.

I, however, have guilty pleasaures that continue to show my not-so-intellectual side.

1) Britney Spears: Come on, who doesn't bop their head up and down to most of her stuff. Sure she's certifiable, has a middling voice at best and is incapable of writing a song, but I'm not taking her off my iPod, regardless of what you say!

2) Jersey Girl: It's the Keven Smith movie Kevin Smith fans like to pretend doesn't exist. I've hidden the DVD in my bedroom where nobody can see it, but I've watched it enough that I'm on my second copy of said DVD. Ben is cute, the little girl is adorable and Liv and Carlin are amazing. Sure there's no Jay, but it's a damned cute movie.

3) The Girls Next Door: Yes, it's about Hugh Hefner's girlfriend. Yes, I think the continued Playboyization of society is a problem. Yes, the entire show is about women using their sexuality to get ahead. Yes, two of the girls (Holly and Bridget) play dumb, despite being both educated and whip smart. Yes, its a celebration of trophy girlfriends/wives. At the same time, watching how the women use their wiles to control Hef and make their marks on the magazine gives me a lot of joy.

4) Hot Pockets and Bud Light. Mmmmm, yummie!

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