Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anti-love songs

Alleged love songs that don't mean what you think.

Hinder: Lips of an Angel. Dude's talking to his ex on the phone while his poor current girlfriend is waiting for him in bed. What a douche!

Extreme: More than Words. Guy's trying to get his girlfriend to fuck him. He's not in love, he's just horny.

Uncle Kracker: Follow Me. Another douchy guy, this one trying to get a married woman to jump into the sack with him. What is it with these guys?

The Police: Every Breath You Take. It's about stalking! And this is a popular first dance song at weddings?

REM: This One Goes Out To the One I Love. Another popular wedding song that wouldn't be if people listened to what he's saying. "A simple prop to occupy my time" Does that sound like a song about everlasting devotion? I didn't think so.


Jerry Beach said...

You forgot Meat Loaf's "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad" and Warrant's "I Saw Red." You'd think the latter one, in particular, would be pretty self-explanatory, but I worked with a guy who once told me that was "The Song" for he and an ex-girlfriend. No shit. An ex-girlfriend? You don't say. He wasn't very bright.

SmearedEyeliner said...

Good lord. "I Saw Red" was so obviously about a woman cheating on her boyfriend. What a moron!