Monday, September 15, 2008

My new addiction

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, so here it goes: I have a crafting problem.

It started out so simply. I wanted to make my own Christmas cards because I couldn't find any I liked one year, so I bought some stamps, ink and funky paper and made my own.

Then it progressed. I made my own wrapping paper the next year.

Then last year, I made food gifts for all my friends, along with cards and stationary for various occasions (birthday, moving, new job, etc.).

This year, I discovered etsy, where I could buy crafts from other people.

I am in heaven. There are sooooo many talented women out there making awesome things that are far beyond my abilities.

One of those talented women is Jesse Janes, who makes scrabble tile pendants.

Her's are fantabulous. I bought the pink bird one and several more.

I would have bought more, but my spending limit had been met. I wanted all of them.

I will probably go broke, but at least I'll have fantastic, crafty things!


To check out Jesse's awesomely cool pendants, go to

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