Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random musings from church

1) Don't they teach people to NOT bite the wafer anymore? It's supposed to respresent Jesus' body. Biting it is bad, cause it's like chewing on Jesus.

2) The woman behind me had a fantastic voice, but she belonged up in the choir, not behind me. I'm now deaf.

3) I still haven't gotten my welcoming bread.

4) The more I hear him speak, the more I like the guy who does the preaching. He's my kind of liberal.

5) I do not get people who wear jeans to church. It still strikes me as disrespectful, but I may have changed my mind today.

There was a girl who was wearing a brown shrug, turquoise tank top, black sweat pants and florescent yellow flip flops. That was far worse than the (adorable) guy wearing nice jeans and a button-down.

6) My gaydar is faulty. The cute blond guy in the choir I thought was cute. . . yea, his partner was there today. Oops!

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