Monday, September 8, 2008

Shopping for jeans

Is there a worse feeling in the world than shopping for jeans?

As if the florescent lights and mirrors weren't bad enough, the weight I've lost means I have no clue what size I wear or what styles I can pull off these days.

Bootlegs? Ick! They make my hips look massive.

Skinny? Disgusting! I looked awful in them when I weighed 100 pounds back when they were in style the last time. Now, I've got more junk in my trunk and they still make me look even shorter than I am.

Wide-legged? The best so far. Course they're so long that I'll have to pay to have them altered. Petites aren't an option because I have a regular rise.

All of them make me hate some part of my body.

I think I'm sticking with skirts until further notice.

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