Monday, November 17, 2008


So this is like a total chick post, moreso than any of my shoe or hot boy ones have ever been.

My parents decided last year that we should make our presents this year. I wanted to gather family recipes and put them into a book and get it printed. I failed miserably, mostly because I couldn't get anybody to send me recipes!

So, like any girl disappointed, I moved on!

I'm limited in craftiness, however. I thought I could crochet or knit my brother a scarf in the ugly colors of the glorious Purdue. Not gonna happen, at least not by Christmas.

So I signed up for some classes at my favorite store. One was to learn how to make this awesomely cool recipe container thingie. Turns out they don't have all the stuff needed to make them in the store, so I just have the one. (Can't say who's getting it. You'll find out at Christmas!)

During the class, however, the teacher passed around a book of Christmas ideas, last year's Christmas ideas, at 75 percent off, so I got it for like $2. And inside, in the middle of the book was the most fantastic present for some of the men in my life. Glass pebble magnents. I have almost everything (except the magnents).

This could be the easiest Christmas giftwise, like ever!

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