Monday, October 20, 2008

Another obsession

I am obsessed with crime shows.

Not those CSI, Law & Order and Cold Case type shows, but true crime shows on A&E and TruTV.

I can easily waste an entire day on the couch watching them, even ones that I've already seen. I especially like the ones on A&E that Bill Kurtis narrates (Have you seen his commercial with Michael Phelps? It's fantastic!).

My roommate came home the other day while I was in the throes of another Bill Kurtis marathon on A&E and sat down to watch with me.

About 20 minutes in, he turns to me and says, "My ex-wife used to love these shows too. Must be a woman thing."

Ha! I'd say he's right, but I know too many men who like them too.

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