Monday, October 6, 2008

My letter to

Yea, so I'm done with All that's left is to get my $100 refunded. I'm not paying to have fat, gross, unemployed, still-living-at-home-with-mommy college dropouts to hit on me. I can get that for free elsewhere.

I am extremely disappointed in my experience at

I have been a paying member for about a week, and have only received one response – and it was from somebody who was so completely inappropriate (he was overweight, unemployed and still living at home with his parents in California) for me that it has become a subject of humor between my friends and I.

I have moved more than 30 men into my “active matches,” nudged several of those after a few days, and I still have yet to receive any sort of a response from any of the men you have sent me as a match.

I can have inappropriate men express interest in me and good guys ignore me for free at the grocery store.

I don’t think it is unrealistic to expect some sort of response from a match who meets my basic criteria within a week’s time.


Jerry Beach said...

I know one place in particular where freaky people can flirt with you! :D

SmearedEyeliner said...

Hence why I will never move there, dammit!

And for the record, I got my money back :)