Friday, October 17, 2008

Beer Blogging

(For the record, three beers. Not drunk, but I feel really good)

1. Why does Cindy McCain own the exact same sack dress in every pastel color?

2. Why do cats squeak?

3. Why do I find Keith Olbermann attractive? He's not my time. He's old, smarmy and of normal weight.

4. Why isn't Michelle Obama the one running?

5. The Mountain West may expand. Boise State could be who it takes. Could the MWC take the ACC's spot among BCS conferences?

6. The Flyers are winless. Is it Sarah Palin's fault?

7. When did West Virginia become a solid red state?

8. Did you know Montana ranks among the top 10 states in terms of education level? Who knew? No wonder I can't find anybody to date here.

9. I miss Charles Schultz. He was an amazing, hockey-loving man. Without him, how do I know what Charlie Brown is doing for Halloween?

10. I've been obsessed with Janet Jackson's "Janet" CD. If may be the sexiest song ever and This Time is a woman's anthem. How did I miss it when it came out?

1 comment:

Jerry Beach said...

2.) Cats squeak b/c they are happy. and they rawk.

10.) "If" is a GREAT song. GREAT. I used to try to dance to that...and fail. But I tried as hard as the other 20-year-olds!