Saturday, October 4, 2008

Three weeks of PMS

So I went back-to-back with my pill so I wouldn't be on my period when I went to San Diego. I'm now not so sure it was worth it.

Granted, it's much more comfortable to wear a bathing suit when you're not on your period, but the other stuff just may not be worth it.

My boobs now have been sore for two weeks with a least another week to go. I'm bloated, grumpy and constantly hungry.

I'm also bawling at the drop of a hat. Like today, I heard that stupid "With nothing but your t-shirt on" song, and I just started crying in the middle of the store. Now granted, I've had a bit of a disappointing month on the relationship front, but NOTHING so bad that it should be causing me to cry in the middle of Target to a shitty pop song.

And the breakup scene in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," you know the one with the guy wandering around nekkid that's hilarious, yea, that made me bawl too.

And I still have another week of this shit!

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